Hi. I'm Andre Sosa.

And this is Dr. Orange Online. Welcome to my place. Take a tour of my Voice Over work. My services are Audio Production, Voice Over (English, Spanish & Portuguese), Sound Design, Consulting and Creative Content for your needs.

Learn about what I do

I'm the voice for your projects.

From the script, production, directing, recording, postproduction, and delivery. ALL IN ONE PROFESSIONAL GUY!!!.

Voice Over Actor

With your script, or creating one together, with the professional standards that you need.

Sound Design

If it's in this Universe, we can make it sound together. Let's Team UP for success.

Online Delivery

Projects with quicks turnarounds timing. Using FTP, Google Drive, or WeTransfer, with high quality.

I love to make my clients happy.

Scroll down to hear and watch some of the projects. CONFIDENCE + HARD WORK = MUTUAL SUCCESS.


Some work in English, Neutral LA Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Smart Phones

Experiments, generic phrases, and content to download for your cellphone.

Video Material

Sound Design and partnership material. From Dr. Orange Audio Channel.

Voice Over Partners

Listen to the Dr. Orange Audio Voice Over Talent Team: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Promo Videos

Voice Over with the Data Sheet of the projects. Read and listen.

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